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How to Close Credit Cards

Find Digitally ~ 25th May, 2018

To cancel credit card, the card holder will have to run according to the company&#39;s fixed process. Card cancellation is not considered by de-activating it or stopping payment of dues. Cardholder should check his civil credit report after the card is canceled. From there it will be found that whether your credit history updates have mentioned Closer or not. Only the primary holder can cancel the card.

<strong>Clear Outstanding Due</strong>

To cancel the card, you have to first clear the outstanding. Until the customer clears the outstanding clearance, the request for card cancellation will not be acceptable.&nbsp;

<strong>Do Request</strong>

The card holder will have to give a cancellation request by calling in Customer Care.

<strong>Note the details</strong>

The cardholder should request the details of future reference number for the future reference, the date of cancellation request and customer care executive who took the request.

<strong>Follow up</strong>
After requesting the cardholder, follow-up with the request details along with e-mail etc. You may have to follow up until you get a nos.

<strong>Crash the card</strong>

After getting the cancellation instruction, cardholder should be cut off by cutting the card after appearing in account closed in Cibil History.

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